HF / Tous modes

Kenwood's HF and All-mode products operate on the traditional HF bands from 1.8MHz to 29MHz plus the 50MHz band; our latest models also cover the new allocations at 5MHz. This means that you're sure to find world-wide coverage 24/7 whatever the frequency and radios in a range of sizes to suit any location. From the impressive flagship TS-990S with its 200 watts output, to the compact TS-480 which can fit into the smallest shack or HF mobile installation - whatever your needs, there’s a Kenwood HF radio to suit your HF challenge.



TS-990S - Emetteur-récepteur HF/50 MHz


Emetteur-récepteur HF/50 MHz
TS-890S - HF/50MHz/70MHz Transceiver


HF/50MHz/70MHz Transceiver
TS-590SG - Emetteur-récepteur HF/6m


Emetteur-récepteur HF/6m