DMR Base Station / Repeaters


The Kenwood DMR range of digital Base Station / Repeaters offer the capability to accommodate more channels or user groups and operate across a longer range or wider area in a cost effective communications infrastructure for single-site/local area applications. They share benefits of digital radio communications in providing increased range, improved sound quality and advanced security capabilities.


Solid Repeater Performance
Capable of outputting up to 50 W in the 136–174 MHz frequency range, and up to 40 W in the 400–MHz range, the TKR-D710/D810 repeater is compatible with the DMR Tier II air interface operating in both digital conventional and FM analogue conventional modes.


Both 12.5 and 25 kHz channels are supported for FM (VHF and UHF)


Features include:




Additional features offered via repeater software upgrade include:



Conventional IP Network

To further expand coverage, you can employ IP connectivity to link multiple conventional repeaters installed in different sites. Each repeater is equipped with a KTI-5 Network Interface Unit to provide the required Ethernet capability.



Kenwood DMR repeaters can be configured to operate in Mixed-Mode which allows the repeater to switch automatically between analogue and digital, depending on what signal has been received. If an analogue radio transmits, the repeater switches automatically to analogue mode to repeat the analogue call, if a digital radio transmits, then the repeater switches automatically to digital mode to repeat the digital call. The repeater only repeats the calls that are qualified by CTCSS/DCS (QT/DQT) in analogue or Colour Code in digital mode. While the repeater repeats one analogue call at a time, it can repeat 2 digital calls at a time, one on each logical channel.


NXR-1700E - VHF Repeater (EU Use)


VHF Repeater (EU Use)
TKR-D810E - Station de base numérique DMR UHF (certification ETSI)


Station de base numérique DMR UHF (certification ETSI)
TKR-D710E - Station de base numérique DMR VHF (certification ETSI)


Station de base numérique DMR VHF (certification ETSI)